The following results were achieved :

ANALYSIS/RESEARCH consists of several parts:

  • National researches in the project area (Lithuanian analysis document, Polish analysis document, German analysis document, Turkish analysis document, Italian analysis document (statistical data, description of good practice examples at national level, documentation available for specialists who work with teenagers, ongoing activities, experience in working area, problematic area, challenges, findings, etc.).
  • International round table discussion (presentation of researches) organized during the international training event in Germany, Boppard (25-29 April, 2016), together with experts, teachers who already have experience in that field of teaching, their feedback, reflection.
  • International research document (made from National researches documents) with findings and underlined important parts.

(Timeline: 11/2015 – 04/2016)

Research was carried on by specialists from partners institutions who later developed project outcomes, as well participate in international training event/seminar, in methodical material creation, provision of National seminars/workshops (to share knowledge, experience).

TRAINING EVENT – was organized in Germany (in the country which has long lasting experience in working with teenagers, pregnant woman, single-mothers). 2 participants/specialists per partner institution (target group of the project: VET educators, specialists who work with teenagers, youth, pregnant women, families, single women, social pedagogues, psychologists) will participate in it. These specialists contributed to methodical material preparation, shared the knowledge and experience their got during the training.

Program available: Agenda of the training in Germany (Timeline: 04/2016)

METHODICAL MATERIAL – the main, intellectual and the final product of the project.
It is dedicated for specialists who prepare other specialists or who work with adolescents in thematic area concerned with positive parenting.
Methodical material has a theoretical part and practical part description (forms, examples, exercises as practical tools), findings, and it is planned that it will be actively used in further activities by all organizations, was and will be suggested for VET schools, institutions which prepare specialists, universities, schools, etc.

Methodical material is available in: English, Lithuanian, German, Italian, Polish, Turkish languages.

Note: Please, click on the link above (on the language) and download the pdf file.

More information is available here:

4 days TERM STUDY – for finalization of methodical material and its improvement. 

(Timeline: 02-03/2017)

WORKSHOPS. It is planned to organize 2 national workshops in each partner country (at the beginning and final stages of the project).
(Timeline: 1st workshop 05-06/2016, 2nd workshop 06/2017)

TESTING. Testing of methodical material in practice in beneficiaries institutions (during the lessons).
(Timeline: 04-06/2017)

(Timeline: Strategy creation 10-11/2015, Dissemination – all project period)

STRATEGY OF EVALUATION AND QUALITY and evaluated achieved results and process of the project

(Timeline: Strategy creation 10-11/2015, Evaluation – when results or events will be achieved or organized)

PORTAL OF THE PROJECT – for dissemination, publishing results of the project, for open access of the project resources.

(Implementation: from 2015, September, during all the project duration also supporting till 2022, December and longer).

Project team would like to change attitude of specialist to the way of communication with young people. We want to encourage cooperating communication, when teachers are able to understand the needs of young people and they can talk what they want and don’t want to learn.