Transnational short-term staff training event

The international Erasmus+ KA2 project’s “VET specialists competencies development in the field of positive parenting teaching” development is going with acceleration. 25-29th of April, 2016, an international 5 days training course took place in Boppard, Germany. The training was attended by researchers from five countries (Germany, Italy, Turkey, Poland and Lithuania) by 6 institutions specialists who developed their competencies in the field of working with teenagers.

The participants of the training were kindly welcomed and welcomed not only to the organizers of the training, but also to the town’s mayor, priest and other members of the community. During the first day of training, all participants shared their experience in working with young people in the field of sexual education, positive parenting. We saw that each country has its own experience, but there are also common needs – each country faces the problem of lack of time in schools for sex education, social skills or family planning. Sometimes teachers are not ready for it, but, according to the German teachers/instructors, if the teacher would like to talk about it with children, it’s just not the time, because the school time is very structured and distributed to certain things. So, just as Germany has such an excellent system – counseling centers that come to schools and work with children and their parents on the topics of sex education and family planning. In Germany, the rule prevails that every citizen has the right to get knowledge of what is going on with his body and how to prepare for family life. Indeed, in schools we get a lot of knowledge, but no one knows how to build relationships, live in a family, grow and educate children at school. We need to look for such knowledge themselves and very often this happens with errors – the test method. Which often leaves long-term consequences.

Participants were happy to have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and experience. We saw how many German colleagues have methodological tools and materials for work in the field of sexual education. All measures are tailored to the age of children. Such lessons are very useful to students as well, including parenting education. Because before starting the cycle of lessons with children, the counseling center’s specialists invite parents to attend their parents’ evening, which will provide in-depth tutorials for their children and give parents advice on how to talk with their children about sex education, family planning and positive parenting. Parents receive materials for them. Such training is a great help for parents and teachers who often lack the time and competence for such conversations. Skilled learners receive reliable information from competent professionals, and then the probability that students will follow the myths, which often fluctuate among peers, diminishes. This is also a great prevention against unplanned early pregnancy, as older students are given the opportunity to be “parents” and understand what really means having a baby and timely responding to their needs. This opportunity is provided to them by specialists from the same counseling centers who work with special baby simulators that are like a real baby. Several schools have had this opportunity in Lithuania because “My Family Academy” hosted seminars for teenagers “Positive parenthood in the eyes of a young person”, during which students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the simulator and its supervision. It is precisely this kind of aid that is lost in Lithuania, because after an international analysis, it turned out that Lithuanian students also want to talk with these reliable specialists on these topics. And now, research shows that most of the information on sexual education is received by teenagers from the internet and friends. Such sources are not always reliable.

Training program